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Scenic Communities

We work with communities large and small across Missouri to enhance the visual attractiveness. We promote local sign ordinances that reduce blight and preserve community character and provide resources on other community appearance issues such as cell tower locations, streetscape design and tree ordinances.



Scenic Byways Heritage Tourism

Scenic Missouri is a statutory member of the Missouri Scenic Byways Advisory Committee. We work closely with MODOT on the direction of the program and provide assistance not only to existing byways but also those interested in the program as well. With Missouri’s abundance of natural beauty and distinctive and historic communities, our goal is to increase Missouri heritage tourism by establishing one of the premiere byways programs in the nation.


Green Streets and Highways Initiative

Our Green Streets Initiative encourages state and local highway departments to ensure that environmental and community values are incorporated into transportation design. We advocate for projects that incorporate strong aesthetic standards, accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians and enhance the surrounding environment.


The Lewis and Clark Parkway Proposals for I-70

Scenic Missouri, an organization devoted to improving the visual/scenic qualities of Missouri roadways, saw the urgent practical need to rebuild a deteriorating I-70 and to increase vehicle capacity across mid-Missouri.

This is a great opportunity to remake one of the worst interstate highways in America into a rewarding aesthetic experience, exploiting this State’s great natural beauty, working with the topography, and integrating cultural, historic, and tourist attractions.

Two proposals have been put forward by Scenic Missouri and are available now for you to learn this important opportunity to preserve and protect one of our most important highways within our state.

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Historic Kirksville

Historic Kirksville

Photo: Wikipedia Kirksville City Hall. The building was originally constructed as a U.S. Post Office in the early 1900s. "Traveling through Kirksville is like taking a trip through a real-life history book. Historic homes, buildings and other properties can be found...

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