“A lawsuit has been filed by the descendants of two African-American women buried at a historic cemetery in north St. Louis County against the media company that erected three billboard columns among the graves.

Wanda Brandon’s lawsuit calls the presence of the billboards in Washington Park Cemetery ‘offensive and disrespectful’ to the many people buried there and their surviving families.

Brandon said she is disgusted by what has happened to the nearly 100-year-old cemetery, once the largest burial site for African Americans in the region, including her own family…

‘If this was a white cemetery, this would’ve never happened,’ Brandon said.

More than 30 years ago, Drury Displays Inc., the plaintiff in Brandon’s lawsuit, bought a stretch of the cemetery along Interstate 70 and put up three columns displaying six billboards. Brandon said she first reached out to the company with her concerns then.

‘I was told directly, We bought the land fair and square, and it’s ours to do whatever,’ she said…

None of the billboards displayed an advertisement Tuesday. Brandon said she contacted the advertisers about her concerns with the billboard placement.

‘All advertisers had no idea that their billboard was located inside of a cemetery next to graves,’ Brandon said.'”
— Nick Boykin,

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